“Give SEA a chance”

Each Kiter has an intimate connection with the sea and water, “the first element” without it would not be possible to practice this sport able of give incredible emotions.

 The sea belongs to everyone and everyone is called to protect it, just as the sea does with us every day,  allowing us to breathe thanks to the essential work of regulating the climate and providing 50% of the oxygen necessary for the survival of the entire ecosystem.

 This consideration was the starting point from which we decided to do our part.

 This is how “Give SEA a chance” was born, an event that wants to emphasize the emergency of the pollution of the seas and in particular that caused by the plastic that is destroying the marine ecosystems, killing animals and poisoning the waters.

 The aim of this event is to help to spread the adoption of criteria of sustainability and a culture of awareness towards the importance to respect, defend and love the sea.


5 days of action to celebrate, support and protect  the SEA

Sustainability Oceans&Seas Village, 6-10 October 2021